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cashmere yarn

Hircus Filati and Cashmere yarn

Cashmere is among the most precious and rare textile fibers, and it has extraordinary properties. It comes exclusively from the Hyrcus goat, that lives on the Asian mountains, and it’s now localized in the northern China, in Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan.

The Hyrcus goat, in order to survive in very difficult climate conditions such us very cold winters and very hot summers, has developed a sub-level of its external fleece, called “Duvet”.

Cashmere is considered one of the best natural fibers because of its characteristic softness, warmth and fineness. The yarn is obtained by coming the Tibetan Goats solely in winter to separate the long coarse hairs from the finer, soft ones. The resulting quantity of cashmere is quite small: 120 grams (6 goats are needed to make a jumper), that’s the reason why the price is so high.

Every item and color of pure Cashmere yarn is processed individually, using textile machinery specialized in knitting and weaving of yarns. Processing is very long and complicated, as it is done by spinning extremely specialized in processing of fine fibers.

For many years Hircus Filati has been offering clients the opportunity to purchase fine 100% Italian cashmere yarn online at heavily discounted prices because all products of goods in large stocks.

We use a very light process of hand washing for all our yarn. It is gentle enough to take off the residual industrial oil which remains on the yarn for spinning but light enough to preserve the cashmere fibers.


The cashmere yarn on cones you can find fulled or fulling.

First I want to point out that the so-called fulling of high quality yarn is ” water treatment ” (read here for more). Indeed to cashmere is not made a real fulling as wool yarns. The cashmere effects must not become matted as the fiber is so delicate that the yarn would ruin.

The treatment consists in the wash water in tanks, industrial, or even in a normal washing machine, the yarn in skeins with water alone or at most with little fabric softener. This simple step allows the fiber of cashmere to relax and unwind.

The cashmere yarn for knitting in cones you can work directly with knitting needles or crochet, but I highly recommend you make with the help dell’arcolaio skeins, or balls and leave to rest a few hours before the processing.

In fact, when the yarn is put into fortresses remains rather “tight” around the cone. Putting it in hanks or in balls, they are allowed to breathe and swell until it returns to its original state.

When you have finished working with the boss you should wash it before wearing it. Wash the cashmere is a long process but very simple. Cashmere is put to soak in a basin of cold water or warm water with a little fabric softener for delicate items. You leave it for at least 3-4 hours , after which it is removed from the tray by removing excess water without wringing his head (I recommend) and put it out to dry by resting on a plane.

Never hang a cashmere sweater to dry, the weight of the water it could deform more and not resume its original shape.

If you work the yarn into skeins can wash the coils directly before making the boss, the washing process is the same.

As I said, the process is long , but it is a very fine fiber and very expensive it might be worth. Do you think the balls to make it part anyway fortresses. The yarn is put into coils, then the treatment is washed using water, after it is put in balls. This means that undergoes at least three processes, sometimes four, and each of these processes has a cost quite high since it is cashmere. Working the yarn package savings the cost of all these processes.

I hope these tips you can be useful.


Washing Cashmere


To make the most of his glory, the cashmere needs a simple washing process after execution.

This requires that the sample undergoes the same process that you will make the finished garment.

You can do this either by hand (for a soft but little hair on the surface) that MACHINE (you get the hand of cashmere as you buy it in … Boutique …)


– In a bowl, every 5 liters of warm water add 20 ml of detergent for delicate fabrics (usually half scoop)
– Soak the sample or the finished garment for about 2 hours. Drain well and rinse without wringing in clean water.
– If the yarn has some impurities (eg, spinning oils) and then washed in clean cold water by adding 40 ml of VINEGAR. This step must be carried out only in the first wash, it is not necessary to repeat it in subsequent washes.

Much simpler

The washing machine is made when the fiber is to bring out the hair on the surface. The washing is soft and indicated the presence of vinegar will be an excellent antical:
– Place the sample / garment in a bag protect delicate garments in a pillowcase or old
– Load the washing machine and select the cycle for delicate fabrics (cashmere, silk, etc. ..)
– Select the temperature to 30°
– Select 400 rpm spin (or as low as possible, not to squeeze the head)
– Loads containers with 1 part detergent for delicates, 2 scoops of SOFTENER, 2 scoops of VINEGAR (in the container for the final rinse or in that of the bleach

IMPORTANT: In both cases, do not wring out the sample/garment, STRETCH, the sample/garment will be made between one or more ‘TOWELS. Never hang the head, or the weight of excess water the warp.

You will see that it dries in a flash!

Lay then work on another dry towel and put it into shape according to the measures, if needed, helping with some needles. Leave in a horizontal position until completely DRY.


Washing Treatment on Cashmere yarn

The cashmere yarn on cones can be found fulled or fulling.

First I want to point out that the so-called fulling of high quality yarns is "water treatment". In fact to cashmere is not made a real fulling as for yarns of wool. The cashmere effects must not become matted as the fiber is so delicate that the yarn be ruined.

The treatment consists in the wash water in industrial tanks, or even in normal washing machine, the yarn in skeins with water alone or at most with little fabric softener. This simple step allows the fiber of cashmere to relax and unwind.

The yarn cashmere knitting (knitting) in packages you can work directly with needles or crochet, but I highly recommend to make skeins with the help dell'arcolaio, or the balls and let them rest for a few hours before the processing.

In fact, when the yarn is put into fortresses remains rather "tight" around the cone. Putting it in hanks or skeins, they are allowed to breathe and swell until it returns to its original state.

When you have finished working with the head you should wash it before wearing it. Wash Cashmere is a long process but very simple. Cashmere is soak in a bowl of cold water or warm water with a little fabric softener for delicate items. It is left for at least 3-4 hours, after which it is removed from the bath, removes excess water without wringing his head (I recommend) and put it to dry adagiandolo on a plane.

Never hang to dry a piece of cashmere, the weight of the water it may deform and not more resume its original shape.

If you work the yarn in hanks can wash the coils directly before making the head, the washing process is the same.

As I said the process is long, but it is a very fine fiber and expensive it may be worth. Do you think that in order to achieve the balls are still part of the packages. The yarn is put into hanks, is then washed using the treatment water, after it is put in balls. This means that undergoes at least 3 processes, sometimes 4, and each of these operations has a cost quite high since it is cashmere. Working the yarn package save the cost of all these processes.

I hope these tips you can be useful.


New Collection Autumn-Winter 2012-2013 Hircus Yarn, direct sales

Hircus Yarns sells its products directly to the public in our website: www.hircusfilati.com

Introducing the new autumn-winter Hircus Yarn.

The new collections include yarn:

– Cashmere
– Baby Yak
– Baby Camel
– Baby Alpaca
– Merino
– Mohair and mohair superkid

– Yarn cashmere, yak, camel, alpaca dyed with natural pigments plant, 100% natural yarns that have not undergone any type of chemical treatment.

– Cashmere and Wool Yarn in recycled eco- low environmental impact

Each item is produced by spinning Italian specialized in that particular article, to offer a guarantee of quality at competitive prices.

Hircus Yarn born over 10 years ago as a specialist in pure cashmere yarns and yarns, and over the years also specializes in Alpaca, Yak and Camel. Holders of Hircus yarns have over 30 years of experience in this field and provide their knowledge in order to offer the best quality Made in Italy on the market.

An invitation to all the readers go to our website www.hircusfilati.com and buy a small amount of one of our articles, what inspires you the most, make a head, and try and touch the quality of our yarns .

Our motto is:

Quality, Competitive Price, Made in Italy, Experience. Try to believe!


For Shops, Knitwear, Knitter, etc.

If you have a yarn store or a shop, if you're a knitter or an embroidery or a pack, if you're a knitter and you have a VAT number, download free color cards and the wholesale price list of our Fall / Winter 2012 -2013, you'll find a lot of interesting news.

Pure cashmere yarn produced by the best Italian specialized spinning at great prices.

Natural yarns dyed with plant pigments, natural 100%, who not have undergone any type of chemical treatment..

Yarn in:

– Baby Yak
– Baby camel
– Baby Alpaca
– Mohair and Superkid Mohair
– Merino
– Silk

and cashmere yarns in pure and mixed recycled environmentally friendly.

Yarn machine, gauges from 3 to 12, and yarn for knitting (crochet, knitting, embroidery, etc..) In all the above items.

Click on this link and fill out the form with your data, you will receive an email with simple instructions to download the color chart and price list:

and select language "English"

and while you're there, take a look at our website.


Autumn/Winter 2012-2013 Collection Recycled Yarns

Yarns low environmental impact

Eccentric touches in surfaces and colours offer welcome moments of escape from the monotory of routine.

The autumn/winter 2012-2013 collection unveils new designs and moods that transcend time.

Hotfix motifs, beautiful materials used with rigour and intelligence and smoky colours appear alongside mosaics of colours featuring different depths of tone and contrasts, creating an understated luxury that is controlled, exclusive, clean and sinple, but also at times eccentric.

The mood might appear retro, but becomes surprisingly modern, trendy and urban.

Vintage overtones and a new grunge style conjure up a nostalgic mood in a mix of creative, unique high fashion, a re-invented past where colour is handled with consummate skill, so much so that monotone actually appears multicoloured.

Ultra-refined yarns, exquisite blends with the softest touch are enriched and enhanced with new colouristic and structural effects.

Fibres like cashmere, wool, yak develop with wool in three-dimensional melange blends and are combined in everyday use with striking visual contrasts that are truly breathtaking.

A tactile tale of familiar old structures shows new fancy slubbed yarns, sophisticated blends, interwined elements with different characteristics and tricknesses.

Thick, swollen yarns are light, dense and spongy as well as nostalgic and fun.

Revitalized retro pastels create a mysterious and, at the same time, bright colour chart. Attention is captured by a symphonic harmony of greys, natural tones, pearlescent white, combined with vibrant, fickle shades like acidics yellow, deep purples, petunia and a sparkling petrol blue, ruby red and brilliant shades of fuchsia. Black appears, with all its derivatives through to dark grey.

This creative mix is simply a new take on everyday life lived with individuality and character.


Recycled yarns, with low environmental impact

100% Recycled.
Recycled Yarn Low Environmental Impact


To achieve fluffy, slick soft hand we suggest the following processing, but avoid knitting too tight.

A – Wash garments at 35°C in water and neutral soap.
E.G. 10 kg of knitwear requires gr. 40 of neutral soap.
Wash garments for about 5/10 minutes,depending on the type of count used. For combed and csrded items contain 30-80% acrylic fibre,we strongly recommend washing at 45 and using slower machine cycles to achieve a softy hand.
Subsequantly rinse garments in cold water.

B – Rewash items at 30/35c in water,adding 3-4 grams of softener ( silicon microemulsion) per kilo of material.
E.G: 10kg of knitwear requires gr.40 of silicon microemulsion softener.
Add 40 garms of acetic  acid to the 40 grams of softener per 100 litres of water.
Leave the knitwear to soak in the silicon softener and acetic for about 10/20 minutes, with the machine off.

C – Spin dry the garments at no more than 75c for about 15/25 minutes.

D – For strong and contrasting colours in striped knitwear, or Jaquard we recommend dry cleaning first and wash garments on a short cycle with plenty of water.


1 – It is advisable to knit using at least 2 feeders ( thread – gudes )

2 – On this yarn, knitter should expert a 4%  waste due to yarn structure and dyeing process.

3 – It is absolutely necessary to do a washing and ironing test on a sample garment each lot, to verefy shrinkage values and colours fastness – before proceeding with prodution.

4 – If yarn is knitted after more than two weeks from delivery, it is advisable to rewax it in order to achieve a smooth "run" throgh the needles and a more homogeneous result.

5 – Whenever yarn is used for STRIPES in constrsting colours, Hircus Filati will disclaim any responsability if such imformation was not given on time.


Handcrafter yarn of original desing.
This means that the colours and fullness may vary considerably between one lot and another. This effect is to be considered an intrinsic feature of the yarn, and therefore is not sudject to claims.


Il Cachemire

Il pelo conosciuto come Cashmere proviene da capre allevate in Mongolia tra i 4000 ed i 6000 metri fin dal XV secolo.

In primavera viene raccolto con uno speciale pettine solo il sottopelo lanuginoso (borra); per questo ogni capra produce al massimo 200 grammi di materiale all'anno.

Il Cashmere è il filato più pregiato al mondo e unisce un'eccezionale morbidezza alla massima traspirazione.

Attenzioni particolari:

Per ottenere una giusta morbidezza e vaporosità è necessario sottoporre i capi o i teli ad una perfetta follatura secondo le norme tradizionali relative a fibre fini e pregiate.

Dopo la follatura, si consiglia una perfetta centrifugatura avendo poi cura di non essiccare a temperature troppo elevate (max 60°) i teli o i capi.

Istruzioni di lavaggio:

Lavare delicatamente a mano in acqua tiepida con ammorbidenti neutri asciugando senza torcere. Consigliabile anche il lavaggio a secco.


Yarn Shopping

Hi, my name is Federico Scatizzi, owner of the web site www.companyofcashmere.com.
In this audio recording I am glad to briefly present you our pure cashmere yarns, and I would like to show you the way to purchase them.

On our web page you can find pure cashmere yarns for hand knitting and to machine. These yarns are produced by some of the finest yarn specialized companies, such as Filati Biagioli Modesto, Cariaggi, LoroPiana, Filatura Papi, Natural Fantasy and many others.

We are traders, we are not manufacturers, our yarns come from stock made with companies specialized in cashmere processing. We buy small lots of yarn at very affordable prices and we can sell directly to the public or private wholesale, at prices up to a quarter of the normal price you would find in other stores. All our yarns are new, they are not remanufactured.

You may be wondering how all this is possible. I’ll try to explain it in a nutshell.

The producer of cashmere knitwear or clothing, usually buy in large quantities directly from manufacturers.
The yarn in excess inventories, generated by these companies once they finish setting up their own collection and production of clothing,  is sold at prices far below cost prices, in fact at  stock prices. This allows us to buy these stocks and put them back for sale to our customers in small quantities at a very exceptional price.

This means that every article and color of yarn is available on our website in very small amounts, sometimes less than a pound, and it is difficult to find the same article once it is finished.
For this reason we don’t provide color charts or samples, as it may happen that when you get the color cards or sample of that particular article of yarn, maybe the same article has already been sold.

The knitting yarns are divided into yarn in balls and yarn packages.
The yarns in balls have already been treated with water, that have already been washed, and can be directly processed. The balls are 50 grams and the price varies according to the article and the thickness of the yarn.

To view the catalog of yarns in balls for knitting, click on the corresponding category.

Knitting yarns on cones have not been treated with water. Nevertheless, it can work the grill directly. My advice is to wash the garment (vest, cardigan, scarf, and so on) when you’re done to achieve it. Garments made with these yarns may have a narrowing of one or two percent after the first wash. If you want advice on how to wash cashmere garments, please visit our blog, following the link at the end of every page on our website.

To view the catalog of hand-knitting yarns in cones, click knitting yarn in cones.

The machine yarns have mainly a value of 2/28000, to be processed on the machine at thinness 12 if they have one end, or thinness 7 if they have two ends, depending on the type of your machine. Sometimes you can find different thinness as well.

To view the catalog of yarns to work with the machine, click on yarn by machine.
Then clicking on the title, you will find all the data: fineness, colors, available quantity, price, and so on.

Money-back guarantee.
The guarantee covers the goods as described and does not cover damage caused during transport which is not directly assignable. The right to withdraw from the contract is guaranteed providing it is exercised within 10 days from receipt of the goods and on condition that the goods be returned (transport costs at your expense), after which time, the contract will be considered favourably and definitely concluded. Any costs and expenses borne will be withheld and the balance reimbursed to the purchaser. Should the goods not conform to the description, precise details of the defect or error must be notified within 2 days from receipt of the goods to be able to obtain a total reimbursement, without expenses or charges, and on condition that the goods be duly returned. It is obligatory to contact the vendor prior to sending back the goods. If (at any moment) you decide that you’re not satisfied with our products , please send an e-mail to info@companyofcashmere.com explaining the reason of your claim, and your intention to obtain the complete reimboursement.

How to make a purchase.
It’s very easy to buy in our website. We have chosen a particular kind of e-commerce software, that makes your purchase extremely simple. It offer a clear procedure that leads you through the steps of your purchase. You will see how it will be simple to buy a product at “Company of Cashmere”.
Once you have found your product, let’s insert the    quantity, and where required, select the color (using the table in the model page), then click on Add to Cart button. After that, you will see a wizard that will lead you through some steps to follow in order to complete your order.
Please, be sure that your address is exact and complete, ready for shipment.

How to make a payment
You can pay using your credit card, or by bank wire. We suggest to use credit card, as it is more comfortable, faster and it protects your purchase.

Credit Card payments
We have chosen Paypal to manage online payments. In this way you are protected by the most secure and famous payment method in the world.
You are not requested to have a Paypal account (but you can get one if you wish), you can pay using your credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) or using a prepaid credit card.

Payment by Bank Wire

You can choose also the “Bank Wire” payment method. You can choose it when you checkout, you have to insert your personal informations, including your shipping address and your telephone number (for further communications if necessary) . After confirming your order, you will receive the bank info by e-mail. Once you have completed the bank wire payment, please advise us by e-mail at buy@companyofcashmere.com adding the CRO number of bank wire payment, and if possible, include a scanned copy of the payment (bank receipt).

For further payment methods, please contact us prior to order, at buy@companyofcashmere.com.

We ship your order once we receive the payment, by Poste Italiane (Italian mail service) or TNT Express Courier.
Shipping To European Community countries
Deliveries to EU countries are made by TNT Global Express, and the delivery will be made within 2-3 business days. Deliveries to EU countries do not have additional costs or customs fees.

Shipping non-EU countries
Shipments are made by the Italian Mail “Poste Italiane” or TNT Express Courier; please read carefully the shipping terms below.

Shipping with Italian Mail “Poste Italiane” Shipments made by Poste Italiane are exempt from customs fees and charges, and are carried out under the following conditions:
– Shipments by air (air mail) are delivered in approximately 7-10 business days from date of shipment.
– Ground Shipments (Standard Shipping) are delivered in 20 working days from date of shipment

Shipments made by TNT Global Express are delivered in a maximum of 5 working days from date of shipment, but requiring the payment of customs fees and charges.
Unfortunately, most countries do not make public their customs charges, and we can not calculate the costs that you incur if you choose this type of shipment.
Customs charges have different costs depending on the country of destination, usually is around 4-7% of the total cost of the goods (this percentage is not defined and may vary according to customs laws of the destination country).

You can calculate shipping costs prior to checkout. Go to your shopping cart after having entered the product of your choice, enter a zip code and / or select your country of residence in the table “Estimate Shipping and Tax” and click on “Get a Quote”, select the shipping method preferences and proceed to checkout.

Refund and Reimbursement
In case of refund, you have to send back the products (at your load, we’ll call this). With the refund, contract shall be considered favorably and finally concluded by deducting any costs and expenses incurred.
If instead we simply send the wrong item, please contact us within 2 days after receiving the package, writing at customer@companyofcashmere.com clearly showing the defect and/or the error, you are entitled to full reimbursement, without any charges after return of the sent item.
It is required to contact the seller before you return the goods.


Hircus Filati
Hircus Filati è l'ultima erede dell'antica Arte della Lana a Prato.

Hircus Filati è continuamente alla ricerca di stock filati per aguglieria e per l'industria della maglieria per poter offrire ai propri clienti la migliore qualità a prezzi imbattibili.

Hircus Filati acquista e offre ai propri clienti esclusivamente filati di produzione italiana delle migliori filature esistenti sul territorio italiano.

I vari prodotti sono sempre disponibili in stock service in molte sfumature di colori (in alcuni tipi la gamma raggiunge le 90 tonalità).
La merce, acquistabile nella QUANTITA' DESIDERATA SENZA ALCUN LIMITE DI PESO, è disponibile in matasse, rocche e gomitoli.

Nell'arco delgli anni la commercializzazione ha raggiunto livelli qualitativi e quantitativi notevoli. Inoltre ha diversificato i campi d'azione.

Guarda le nostre collezioni cliccando qui.