Before reading today’s post, please read this (it’s the introductory part of what I am covering in what follows).
In Part II I gave some indications on how to calculate the amount of cashmere needed to make scarves and shawls.

Today I’ll cover sweaters.

Our starting point (the base to calculate the amount of cashmere) will be a classic design—a basic jumper, knitted in stocking stitch. If you wish to use more intricate stitches, cable, slipped stitche, crossed stitch, etc., please allow for greater quantities of yarn.
As I have mentioned in my previous posts, yarn thickness is actually more important than weight.
If the yarn is fine, it weighs less and yields more; on the contrary, if the yarn is thicker, it will weigh more and yield less. If you know how many meters of cashmere or wool you need to knit a sweater, you’ll be able to establish its weight.

The tables below show approximate number of stitches in a 10 cm stocking stitch sample and the corresponding length in meters of yarn needed to knit a sweater in a given size.
Please remember the figures below are valid on average: tight knitters will need more stitches than loose knitters.

Children : chest measurement (finished sweater)

Approximate number of stitches in a 10 cm stocking stitch sample66 cm (2 yrs)71 cm (4 yrs)76 cm (6 yrs)81,5 cm (8 yrs)86,5 cm (10 yrs)
12297 m369 m442 m505 m580 m
16421 m523 m627 m716 m822 m
20532 m660 m791 m904 m1038 m
24753 m934 m1120 m1279 m1469 m
28829 m1028 m1233 m1408 m1617 m

Adults : chest measurement (finished sweater)

Approximate number of stitches in a 10 cm stocking stitch sample91.5 cm96.5 cm101.5 cm106.5 cm112 cm117 cm122 cm127 cm132 cm
12657 m704 m753 m801 m853 m927 m994 m1049 m1125 m
16931 m998 m1069 m1136 m1210 m1315 m1410 m1488 m1595 m
201175 m1259 m1349 m1434 m1527 m1660 m1780 m1878 m2013 m
241664 m1783 m1909 m2030 m2161 m2350 m2520 m2659 m2850 m
281832 m1962 m2102 m2235 m2380 m2587 m2774 m2927 m3138 m
knitting needle sizeApproximate number of stitches in a 10 cm stocking stitch sample
2.25 – 3.2531 – 26
3.25 – 3.7525 – 28
3.75 – 4.528 – 20
4.5 – 5.520 – 16
5.5 – 815 – 12

here is a practical example:

Step 1: Take one of your favourite sweaters and measure its width (at the chest); let’s say it’s 49 cm. Multiply the number by 2 to obtain the full measurement: 49 cm x 2 = 98 cm. Since the number 98 isn’t shown in the table as the chest measurement, you’ll have to choose between 96.5 e 101.5. I would pick 101,5, as I believe it’s best to have a little more than a little less :-).

Step 2: Choose knitting needles you feel comfortable with that work well with the type of yarn you are interested in. I would look for yarn to work with 4/4,5 needles, my favourites, as the knitting is neither too tight nor too loose.

Step 3: Look for the corresponding metres of yarn you’ll need.

Step 4: Browse through Hircus Filati site and check the Cashmere and selected yarns. For each yarn you’ll find all the relevant information (thickness, needle size, weight and length in metres).

Step 5: Send your order :-).

I hope this post helps you calcutate the cashmere quantity needed to knit a beautiful sweater, even if it’s always an approximation. I suggest you visit Hircus Filati frequently to make sure you don’t miss out on special discounts and sales.

Yarns are not the only items on sale; in fact you can find classic and  elegant clothing garments and accessories in cashmere and exclusive yarns at very special prices.

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Enjoy your project … till next time!

Alicja Kwartnik

for Hircus Filati

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