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But I guess that doesn’t mean I can’t post, huh? We are officially moved in, although we still have boxes to unpack. So far we haven’t had any nasty surprises. We love the new house, and we’re settling in just fine. I’ll post photos if I ever find the camera(s).

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In the meantime, how about a book review?


The lovely folks at the Penguin Group sent me this book to review — “Wacky Baby Knits.” The book contains “20 knitted designs for the fashion-conscious toddler.” I don’t have any photos of the contents, but you can see more and download some of the patterns online here.

The book includes a short “how-to” section for new knitters. The pictures are easy to follow, and I think it would be helpful for the brand new knitter. Then we have hats, mittens, jackets and outfits just to name a few. My favorite section is the hat section. I especially love the Mohawk hat and the Flying Helmet.

The wacky little outfits are really over the top. There’s a cow, a frog and a pirate suit (sounds like the opening line of a joke, huh?). There’s also a crazy robot suit, a biker jacket and a tutu. All of these would make super cute Halloween outfits.

All in all, it’s a super cute book with options for anyone. The Flying Helmet hat would make a great baby shower gift, while the frog outfit would make a great toddler costume. Check out this book on Amazon today!



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