As everyone knows by now, we buy and sell stock yarns.

Most of the time they are cones of about 1 kg, but we sell a cone of about 500 g. When we divide a cone in two we cannot put the original label on both because of course we only have one, so on the other cone we put our label with the color and batch that are on the original sticker as well as other data that I think could to be useful.
Then you can get the bottle with the original sticker or the bottle with our sticker.

In the images you can see a rock with the original sticker and a rock with our sticker.

IMG20230125093756 IMG20230125093808

The first photo from the left is with our sticker, the second is with the original sticker.

Furthermore, sometimes, the knitwear factories from which we buy stock yarns use their own stickers on the reels, with their own codes and not with the codes of the spinning mill that produced the yarn, so the data can be different.

An example in the other photo below.


I covered up the name of the knitwear factory for privacy reasons (and to prevent my competitors from seeing where I buy the yarns :))

Still below you can see the winder with which we divide the cones.



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