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The perfect yarn for Spring and Fall

People who enjoy knitting usually don’t take time off from it, they just go on knitting year round, simply changing the type of yarn employed.   In simple terms, for summer garments cotton in various combinations is used, while, in the winter, different types of wool are usually preferred. For spring and fall, on the …

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Two ways of working and washing the yarn not treated

The two ways to knit and care for your non-treated yarns. There are two ways to wash your non-treated yarns on cones so that they look as luxurious as with knitwear bought in shops. One is simple and straigthforward, the other not quite as much. Let’s start with the more simple one. Wash the yarn …

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How to Work Cashmere yarn not Washed

Cashmere yarn (on reels) used in either machine- or hand-knitting is usually never treated—if not very rarely, and should be washed only at the end of the knitting process. To prevent the yarn from breaking and other risks associated with machine manufacturing, such as needle breaking, machine knitting is mainly done with non-treated yarn. My …


Super offers fine italian yarns from today

Begin today mileage bargains of fine yarns discounted from 20% to 60%, look in the category offers of our website by clicking the link below: The offers are valid only until 24 August 2015, after this date will be removed for renovation of our website. If you work to machine knitting,  looks even cashmere …

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IVETTE Pattern in Silk Bourette available in English Language

IVETTE: Pattern top Woman in Silk by Mirella Sbolci FREE Available in Italian Language and in English Language by clicking here. English translate by Donna Lynne Galletta Material: Yarn Silk Bourette Hircus Filati gr 100 (150) Circular knitting needle n. 3.5 mm Stitch markers Yarn needle 2 small buttons If you like this article …