Many people are unable to pay by credit card on our websites. The reason, in most of the time, is because the payment pages are closed too early or because you do not have the verification code of your credit card.

Today, online security is very important, and banks use two methods to authorize the use of credit cards for online purchases. The first can be to send an OTP code, a security code, to your smartphone, linked to your mobile phone number. The second is through the use of an app to download on your smartphone that asks you to approve the payment you are making online at the very moment you are doing it.

But many people, especially if they are not used to buying online, do not know this.

Watch this video where I myself will show you the whole procedure, step by step, to buy online payment with my own credit card. Watch the video all the way:

Federico Scatizzi

Hircus Filati

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