DSC 4099The yarns we sell, in cashmere, cashmere blend, alpaca, camel, angora, mohair, merino wool, etc. on our website they come from stocks at knitwear and auctions, and rarely, from failures.

When a factory finishes a production of knitwear for one of its customers, they sell their production leftovers to sctockists like us.

The yarns we sell are almost all to be treated, because the knitters use yarns to treat, they almost never use yarns already treated.

This is why we can offer cashmere yarn at such affordable prices.
Normally, especially today, October 2021, a yarn 2/28 100% cashmere costs, bought directly from the manufacturer, from 195.00 euro/kg to 230.00 euro/kg + VAT. Producers can sell cashmere only to those have VAT, not to the private.

In store this yarn can cost from 11.00 to 13.00 euro a ball or skein of 25 gr, that is up to 540.00 euro/kg including VAT. Respectable figures say I, or am I wrong?
Our yarns are in stock, and as you can see on our website, they have low cost, we also offer free shipping for an easily accessible amount.

We review or always divide the yarn with our winder, to check any defect there could be, or even simply to prepare the weight purchased from customer. To do this we use recycled cones, of various spinning, which we find from companies that they have plenty and they would otherwise dump in the garbage. So, other than not increase the sale of cardboard or plastic we also avoid that the cones end in the incinerator, at least for a longer time.

The old, recycled cones already have an reimprinted brand of spinning from who used them the first time. When we go over a yarn we cannot start looking for a cone of the same spinning of the yarn itself, both in order not to waste too much time and because sometimes we may have not the cone of that particular spinning. So that, it often happens that the cone has inside a different brand from it’s own but we always affix the label with the yarn specifications, and it is the one that makes faith and not the cone.

So it is normal that there is a different name on the cone, being reused. Remember, what makes faith is always the label.

It can happen that a yarn has a defect that when it is passed back to the winder is not highlighted. Some defects unfortunately are found only by working the yarn. That is why we have a policy on returns that are a bit special, even if they are not kept as stockists.
In fact we always say (it is written on several pages of our website), to STOP PROCESSING IMMEDIATELY IF THE YARN PRESENTS A DEFECT, AND CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE FOR A change or a return.

So it is useless to you insist on working the yarn at all costs and then writing me an email or even leave feedback negative because of the faulty of the yarn and the wasting time spent to the effort. Stop working it, contact me and I’ll just change it for you, it’s not anymore simple, economical, ethical and of sound principles?


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