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Eccentric touches in surfaces and colours offer welcome moments of escape from the monotory of routine.

The autumn/winter 2012-2013 collection unveils new designs and moods that transcend time.

Hotfix motifs, beautiful materials used with rigour and intelligence and smoky colours appear alongside mosaics of colours featuring different depths of tone and contrasts, creating an understated luxury that is controlled, exclusive, clean and sinple, but also at times eccentric.

The mood might appear retro, but becomes surprisingly modern, trendy and urban.

Vintage overtones and a new grunge style conjure up a nostalgic mood in a mix of creative, unique high fashion, a re-invented past where colour is handled with consummate skill, so much so that monotone actually appears multicoloured.

Ultra-refined yarns, exquisite blends with the softest touch are enriched and enhanced with new colouristic and structural effects.

Fibres like cashmere, wool, yak develop with wool in three-dimensional melange blends and are combined in everyday use with striking visual contrasts that are truly breathtaking.

A tactile tale of familiar old structures shows new fancy slubbed yarns, sophisticated blends, interwined elements with different characteristics and tricknesses.

Thick, swollen yarns are light, dense and spongy as well as nostalgic and fun.

Revitalized retro pastels create a mysterious and, at the same time, bright colour chart. Attention is captured by a symphonic harmony of greys, natural tones, pearlescent white, combined with vibrant, fickle shades like acidics yellow, deep purples, petunia and a sparkling petrol blue, ruby red and brilliant shades of fuchsia. Black appears, with all its derivatives through to dark grey.

This creative mix is simply a new take on everyday life lived with individuality and character.

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