Hircus Filati and Cashmere yarn

Cashmere is among the most precious and rare textile fibers, and it has extraordinary properties. It comes exclusively from the Hyrcus goat, that lives on the Asian mountains, and it’s now localized in the northern China, in Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan.

The Hyrcus goat, in order to survive in very difficult climate conditions such us very cold winters and very hot summers, has developed a sub-level of its external fleece, called “Duvet”.

Cashmere is considered one of the best natural fibers because of its characteristic softness, warmth and fineness. The yarn is obtained by coming the Tibetan Goats solely in winter to separate the long coarse hairs from the finer, soft ones. The resulting quantity of cashmere is quite small: 120 grams (6 goats are needed to make a jumper), that’s the reason why the price is so high.

Every item and color of pure Cashmere yarn is processed individually, using textile machinery specialized in knitting and weaving of yarns. Processing is very long and complicated, as it is done by spinning extremely specialized in processing of fine fibers.

For many years Hircus Filati has been offering clients the opportunity to purchase fine 100% Italian cashmere yarn online at heavily discounted prices because all products of goods in large stocks.

We use a very light process of hand washing for all our yarn. It is gentle enough to take off the residual industrial oil which remains on the yarn for spinning but light enough to preserve the cashmere fibers.


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The cashmere yarn on cones you can find fulled or fulling.

First I want to point out that the so-called fulling of high quality yarn is ” water treatment ” (read here for more). Indeed to cashmere is not made a real fulling as wool yarns. The cashmere effects must not become matted as the fiber is so delicate that the yarn would ruin.

The treatment consists in the wash water in tanks, industrial, or even in a normal washing machine, the yarn in skeins with water alone or at most with little fabric softener. This simple step allows the fiber of cashmere to relax and unwind.

The cashmere yarn for knitting in cones you can work directly with knitting needles or crochet, but I highly recommend you make with the help dell’arcolaio skeins, or balls and leave to rest a few hours before the processing.

In fact, when the yarn is put into fortresses remains rather “tight” around the cone. Putting it in hanks or in balls, they are allowed to breathe and swell until it returns to its original state.

When you have finished working with the boss you should wash it before wearing it. Wash the cashmere is a long process but very simple. Cashmere is put to soak in a basin of cold water or warm water with a little fabric softener for delicate items. You leave it for at least 3-4 hours , after which it is removed from the tray by removing excess water without wringing his head (I recommend) and put it out to dry by resting on a plane.

Never hang a cashmere sweater to dry, the weight of the water it could deform more and not resume its original shape.

If you work the yarn into skeins can wash the coils directly before making the boss, the washing process is the same.

As I said, the process is long , but it is a very fine fiber and very expensive it might be worth. Do you think the balls to make it part anyway fortresses. The yarn is put into coils, then the treatment is washed using water, after it is put in balls. This means that undergoes at least three processes, sometimes four, and each of these processes has a cost quite high since it is cashmere. Working the yarn package savings the cost of all these processes.

I hope these tips you can be useful.


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Washing Cashmere


To make the most of his glory, the cashmere needs a simple washing process after execution.

This requires that the sample undergoes the same process that you will make the finished garment.

You can do this either by hand (for a soft but little hair on the surface) that MACHINE (you get the hand of cashmere as you buy it in … Boutique …)


– In a bowl, every 5 liters of warm water add 20 ml of detergent for delicate fabrics (usually half scoop)
– Soak the sample or the finished garment for about 2 hours. Drain well and rinse without wringing in clean water.
– If the yarn has some impurities (eg, spinning oils) and then washed in clean cold water by adding 40 ml of VINEGAR. This step must be carried out only in the first wash, it is not necessary to repeat it in subsequent washes.

Much simpler

The washing machine is made when the fiber is to bring out the hair on the surface. The washing is soft and indicated the presence of vinegar will be an excellent antical:
– Place the sample / garment in a bag protect delicate garments in a pillowcase or old
– Load the washing machine and select the cycle for delicate fabrics (cashmere, silk, etc. ..)
– Select the temperature to 30°
– Select 400 rpm spin (or as low as possible, not to squeeze the head)
– Loads containers with 1 part detergent for delicates, 2 scoops of SOFTENER, 2 scoops of VINEGAR (in the container for the final rinse or in that of the bleach

IMPORTANT: In both cases, do not wring out the sample/garment, STRETCH, the sample/garment will be made between one or more ‘TOWELS. Never hang the head, or the weight of excess water the warp.

You will see that it dries in a flash!

Lay then work on another dry towel and put it into shape according to the measures, if needed, helping with some needles. Leave in a horizontal position until completely DRY.


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Ultimi Giorni per la “Fiera del Filato”

2-11-cashmere-rossoChiude Sabato sera (8 marzo 2014) la “Fiera del Filato” di Hircus Filati.

Alla Fiera del Filato puoi acquistare filati pregiati di fine partita e/o fine bagno a prezzi scontatissimi. Cashmere, Alpaca, Merinos, Yak, Cammello …

La Fiera del Filato è un evento eccezionale che si svolge solo una volta all’anno, dove vengono messi in vendita a prezzi super scontati, filati di fine bagno e/o fine partita. Si tratta perlopiù di piccolissimi quantitativi, rimanenze, di articoli “fuori collezione”, cioè articoli di produzione o in stock che non troverai più sul nostro sito web in quanto non vengono più prodotti.

Una occasione per realizzare un accessorio o un capo di abbigliamento con un filato pregiato a poco, molto poco costo.

Acquista cliccando qui il filato che più ti piace, hai tempo fino a sabato.


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Sciarpa 280 Tex puro cashmere

sciarpa-cashmere-1Questa sciarpa è stata realizzata con i ferri n. 3 a maglia rasata con un filato in puro cashmere fiammato, che gli dà quell’effetto particolare che si vede nella foto.

L’art. 280 Tex è disponibile in gomitoli sul nostro sito web e per questa sciarpa ne occorrono solamente 150 grammi.



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Maglie da bambino cashmere-merinos con i ferri

maglia-cashmere Queste sono due maglie da bambino lavorate con i ferri n. 3,5 a maglia rasata con filato SELENE Multicolor 60% cashmere 32% merino 8% nylon.

E’ un filato molto soffice e gonfio, molto adatto per abbigliamento da bambino 2-6 anni.



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