Normally, cones that we buy in stock lot are in quantity 1 kg or aproximately. Cones of cashmere and cashmere blend yarn normally born from spinning mills in quantity of 1 kg or aproximately (can be 1.1 , 1.2, 0.9 kg, etc. so around 1 kg). If there are 10 kg of the same color and lot, normally they are 9, 10 or 11 cones.

We sell also cones about 500 gr, and for make it we must divide the cone.

The cone have only one original label into. If two different customers buy 500 gr (or 550 or 600 or 450 gr) of the same cone we must divide it, and after we have one cone with original label and one cone without label. So we copy type of yarn (Thickness), composition (for example: 100% cashmere), code or name of color (some spinning mills use name and some use a code number) and number of lot from original label and we stamp an our label for the other cone.

So is possible sometime you receive cone with original label or sometime you receive cone with our label. But yarn is original and label is real because we copy all datas from original label.

20191229 123954Also we buy yarns in stock lot from auctions and knitwear factories. Sometime knitwear factory change label of the spinning mills and put his labels with his datas. Normally number of lot is the same, but sometime can be the name or code of color is different from name or code of spinning mills.

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