To make the most of his glory, the cashmere needs a simple washing process after execution.

This requires that the sample undergoes the same process that you will make the finished garment.

You can do this either by hand (for a soft but little hair on the surface) that MACHINE (you get the hand of cashmere as you buy it in … Boutique …)


– In a bowl, every 5 liters of warm water add 20 ml of detergent for delicate fabrics (usually half scoop)
– Soak the sample or the finished garment for about 2 hours. Drain well and rinse without wringing in clean water.
– If the yarn has some impurities (eg, spinning oils) and then washed in clean cold water by adding 40 ml of VINEGAR. This step must be carried out only in the first wash, it is not necessary to repeat it in subsequent washes.

Much simpler

The washing machine is made when the fiber is to bring out the hair on the surface. The washing is soft and indicated the presence of vinegar will be an excellent antical:
– Place the sample / garment in a bag protect delicate garments in a pillowcase or old
– Load the washing machine and select the cycle for delicate fabrics (cashmere, silk, etc. ..)
– Select the temperature to 30°
– Select 400 rpm spin (or as low as possible, not to squeeze the head)
– Loads containers with 1 part detergent for delicates, 2 scoops of SOFTENER, 2 scoops of VINEGAR (in the container for the final rinse or in that of the bleach

IMPORTANT: In both cases, do not wring out the sample/garment, STRETCH, the sample/garment will be made between one or more ‘TOWELS. Never hang the head, or the weight of excess water the warp.

You will see that it dries in a flash!

Lay then work on another dry towel and put it into shape according to the measures, if needed, helping with some needles. Leave in a horizontal position until completely DRY.


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