Cashmere is among the most precious and rare textile fibers, and it has extraordinary properties. It comes exclusively from the Hyrcus goat, that lives on the Asian mountains, and it’s now localized in the northern China, in Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan.

The Hyrcus goat, in order to survive in very difficult climate conditions such us very cold winters and very hot summers, has developed a sub-level of its external fleece, called “Duvet”.

Cashmere is considered one of the best natural fibers because of its characteristic softness, warmth and fineness. The yarn is obtained by coming the Tibetan Goats solely in winter to separate the long coarse hairs from the finer, soft ones. The resulting quantity of cashmere is quite small: 120 grams (6 goats are needed to make a jumper), that’s the reason why the price is so high.

Every item and color of pure Cashmere yarn is processed individually, using textile machinery specialized in knitting and weaving of yarns. Processing is very long and complicated, as it is done by spinning extremely specialized in processing of fine fibers.

For many years Hircus Filati has been offering clients the opportunity to purchase fine 100% Italian cashmere yarn online at heavily discounted prices because all products of goods in large stocks.

We use a very light process of hand washing for all our yarn. It is gentle enough to take off the residual industrial oil which remains on the yarn for spinning but light enough to preserve the cashmere fibers.

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