Puno2 824-turcheseThe meeting with Puno can be unsettling. Looking voluptuous, silky to the touch, soft. What really surprises is its lightness, large portions of the sky were mixed all’alpaca to be able to create. In Puno is the wind blowing in the highlands of Peru on its path encounters sincere colors of those lands. Cereals and gold peep from beige, tobacco and copper in the scale of brown. There are shades of gray, silver and coal browned. It ‘a string of exuberant wealth, and it is impossible to hide it, in whatever form it is shaped.

The yarns “blown” (air-spun), are defined as follows for the characteristic processing.

It is an innovative system that, unlike the traditional spinning, does not use the cohesive force of the torsion to aggregate the fibers but that “containment” of a tubular fine, almost invisible, within which the fiber is blown into the free form. In this way the yarn and the garments obtained with it are incomparably lighter than conventional ones. Moreover, thanks to the particular structure of the “blown”, aerial and not compact, create the “clothes-barrier” which act almost as “double insulation” between the body and the external environment, which keep the temperature stable and enhance breathability (warm clothes and dry).


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