Hircus Yarns sells its products directly to the public in our website: www.hircusfilati.com

Introducing the new autumn-winter Hircus Yarn.

The new collections include yarn:

– Cashmere
– Baby Yak
– Baby Camel
– Baby Alpaca
– Merino
– Mohair and mohair superkid

– Yarn cashmere, yak, camel, alpaca dyed with natural pigments plant, 100% natural yarns that have not undergone any type of chemical treatment.

– Cashmere and Wool Yarn in recycled eco- low environmental impact

Each item is produced by spinning Italian specialized in that particular article, to offer a guarantee of quality at competitive prices.

Hircus Yarn born over 10 years ago as a specialist in pure cashmere yarns and yarns, and over the years also specializes in Alpaca, Yak and Camel. Holders of Hircus yarns have over 30 years of experience in this field and provide their knowledge in order to offer the best quality Made in Italy on the market.

An invitation to all the readers go to our website www.hircusfilati.com and buy a small amount of one of our articles, what inspires you the most, make a head, and try and touch the quality of our yarns .

Our motto is:

Quality, Competitive Price, Made in Italy, Experience. Try to believe!


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