karsha salmone 1 1 1 The cashmere yarn on cones can be found fulled or fulling.

First I want to point out that the so-called fulling of high quality yarns is "water treatment". In fact to cashmere is not made a real fulling as for yarns of wool. The cashmere effects must not become matted as the fiber is so delicate that the yarn be ruined.

The treatment consists in the wash water in industrial tanks, or even in normal washing machine, the yarn in skeins with water alone or at most with little fabric softener. This simple step allows the fiber of cashmere to relax and unwind.

The yarn cashmere knitting (knitting) in packages you can work directly with needles or crochet, but I highly recommend to make skeins with the help dell'arcolaio, or the balls and let them rest for a few hours before the processing.

In fact, when the yarn is put into fortresses remains rather "tight" around the cone. Putting it in hanks or skeins, they are allowed to breathe and swell until it returns to its original state.

When you have finished working with the head you should wash it before wearing it. Wash Cashmere is a long process but very simple. Cashmere is soak in a bowl of cold water or warm water with a little fabric softener for delicate items. It is left for at least 3-4 hours, after which it is removed from the bath, removes excess water without wringing his head (I recommend) and put it to dry adagiandolo on a plane.

Never hang to dry a piece of cashmere, the weight of the water it may deform and not more resume its original shape.

If you work the yarn in hanks can wash the coils directly before making the head, the washing process is the same.

As I said the process is long, but it is a very fine fiber and expensive it may be worth. Do you think that in order to achieve the balls are still part of the packages. The yarn is put into hanks, is then washed using the treatment water, after it is put in balls. This means that undergoes at least 3 processes, sometimes 4, and each of these operations has a cost quite high since it is cashmere. Working the yarn package save the cost of all these processes.

I hope these tips you can be useful.


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